The 3rd International Workshop on Engineering Physics, IC-MEMS-Sensors and Their Applications (3rdIWEMA2022)

1.The scope of Workshop


During the event of the 13th Scientific Conference of University of Science in 2022, Faculty of Physics and Engineering Physics and Ono lab (Tohoku University, Japan) organized a satellite conference called the 3rd International Workshop on Engineering Physics, IC-MEMS-Sensors and Their Applications (3rd IWEMA2022).

The purpose of the 3rd IWEMA2022 is to link and cooperate with scientists in the fields as:  Engineering Physics, Computing Science, Embedded Systems, IC-MEMS- Sensor, Nanotechnology, IoT-AI,… for the research projects and  applications in biomedical engineering, health sciences, hi-tech agriculture and smart cities.  Besides, we also contribute to promoting international cooperation activities on exchange of scientists, human resource training and international co-publishing.

Call for papers: Click here

Invitation letter: Click here

2. The subject areas

Contributed papers are solicited in the following subject areas (but not limited to):

- MEMS (MicroElectronMechanical System), Sensors, Bio-sensors, power semiconductor technologies;

-Microelectronics, Nanotechnology and Advanced materials and processing technologies;

- Simulation and modeling of advanced processes, devices, and circuits;

- Computing Science, Embedded systems, emerging technologies, circuits and applications (Memory, Internet of Things,Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence).

- Biomedical Engineering, Digital Microfluidics and their applications;

- Solar Energy and Renewable Energy and  application of Machine Learning& AI;



 3. Time:   02 days

- Nov 25 (Fri): Registration, Opening ceremony & Plenary talks, poster session, Parallel sessions. 

- Nov 26 (Sat): Tutorial, discussion for 4th IWEMA2023 and city tour.


4. Venue: University of Science, 227 Nguyen Van Cu Str., District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


5. Organization: 

- Host: University of Science (VNUHCM) and Tohoku University (Japan) 

- Co-host: Institute for  Nanotechnology (VNUHCM, Vietnam) and Griffith University (Australia).


6. Technical Supports:  The IEEE Solid-State Circuits Vietnam Chapter and Institute of Korean Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IKEEE, Korea) and Ho Chi Minh Semiconducting Industrial Association (HSIA).


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7. Co-General Chair:

. Takahito  Ono (Tohoku Univ, Japan)

. Nguyen Van Hieu (VNUHCM,Vietnam)


8. Committees of 3rd IWEMA2022:

* Advisory Committee:

. Takahito  Ono (Tohoku Univ, Japan)

. Kyeong-Sik Min (Kook Min Univ.& IKEEE, Korea)

. Dao Viet Dzung (Griffith Univ., Australia)

. Congo Tak Shing Ching (National Chung Hsing Univ.,Taiwan)

. Tran Xuan Tu  (VNU Information Technology Institute, Vietnam)

. Nguyen Van Hieu (Vietnam National Univ. HCM,Vietnam) 

. Le Vu Tuan Hung (VNUHCM-Univ. of Science,Vietnam) 

. Nguyen Anh Tuan (HISA, Vietnam)


*Program Committee:

. Huynh Van Tuan (VNUHCM-Univ. of Science,Vietnam), Chair

. Nguyen Van Toan (Tohoku Univ, Japan), Co-chair

. Doan Duc Chanh Tin (VNUHCM-Institute for Nanotechnology)

. Hoang Trang (VNUHCM-Univ. of Technology, Vietnam)

. Nguyen Thi Hiep (VNUHCM-IU,Vietnam)

. Vo Minh Huan (HCMUET,Vietnam)

. Minkyu Song (Dongguk Univ, Seoul, Korea)

. Jongsun Kim (Hongik Univ, Seoul, Korea)

. Yong Moon (Soongsil Univ, Seoul, Korea)

. Kwang-Hyun Back (Chung-Ang Univ, Seoul, Korea)

. Dau Van  (Griffith Univ, Australia) 

. Vu The Dang (Osaka Metropolitan Univ., Japan)

. Nguyen Minh Son (VNUHCM- Univ. of IT, Vietnam);


*Publication Chair:

. Takahito  Ono (Tohoku Univ, Japan)

. Nguyen Van Hieu (VNUHCM,Vietnam)

. Kyeong-Sik Min (KMU& IKEEE, Korea)

. Congo Tak Shing Ching (NCHU,Taiwan)


* Local Organizing Committee

. Nguyen Chi Nhan (VNUHCM-US,Vietnam), Chair

. Nguyen Phuoc Hoang Khang (VNUHCM-US,Vietnam)

. Nguyen Chi Linh (VNUHCM-US,Vietnam)

. Le Duong Anh Duy (GES, SHTP, Vietnam)

. Nguyen Ngoc Thao Nhi (VNUHCM-US,Vietnam)



. Ho Thanh Huy (VNUHCM-US,Vietnam)

. Phan Thien Luan (VNUHCM-US,Vietnam & NCHU, Taiwan)

. Nguyen Hoang Quan (VNUHCM-US,Vietnam)


List of participantsClick here

Backdrop for online participantsDownload here


9. Sessions of 3rd IWEMA2022: There are 03 sections for parallel sessions, 01 poster session and 01 Tutorial session:


- Session 1. MEMS, Sensors and Microelectronics; 

- Session 2. Electronic Engineering, Embedded System and IoT;

- Session 3. Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Materials, Biosensors and Medical devices;


Technical Program (updated): Click here


- Poster Session

. Chair: Prof. Huynh Van Tuan (VNU-HCMUS,Vietnam)

.  Co-chair: Dr. Ho Thanh Huy (VNUHCM-US, Vietnam)

- Tutorial Session (updated): Click here

. Chair: Prof. Kyeong-Sik Min (Kook Min Univ.& IKEEE, Korea)

. Co-chair: Dr. Doan Duc Chanh Tin (VNUHCM-Institute for Nanotechnology, Vietnam)

There are 02 tutorial courses for students in the fields of MEMS- Sensors and nanotechnology. 


10. The deadline in 2022:

- Abstract submission: November 10,

- Registration of tutorial session (students):  November 10,

- Registration: November 15,

- Abstract acceptance notice and report scheduling: November 15,

- Submission the PPT file of talks and posters: November 15, 

- Workshop day: November 25&26,

- Full paper submission for review process and publications: December 15.

Please submit your registration and abstract (around 200 words)  to  before November 10th, 2022.

Full paper: 5-10 pages (as sample) before December 10, 2022. 


Registration and Abstract From: Click here


The selected papers will be recommended to publish in  Applied Science (an Open Access Journal from MDPI, Journal Rank: Q2-Engineering, Multidisciplinary) and IEEJ (Transactions on Sensors and Micromachines/Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems: Q3/Q4). Others will be published in Journal of IKEEE or submit to  VNUHCM Press.


11. Contact for 3rd IWEMA2022:

The Secretary

The 3rd International Workshop on Engineering Physics, IC-MEMS-Sensors and Their Applications  (3rdIWEMA2022)

Address: 227 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Dictrict 5, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.


Phone number: (+8428) 38.300.595 (Dept of Physics and Electronic Engineering)

Website: The 3rd International Workshop on Engineering Physics, IC-MEMS-Sensors and Their Applications (3rdIWEMA2022) | Vật Lý Điện Tử (


3rd IWEMA2022