Seminar "Tiến hóa sao: Hành trình của những gã khổng lồ"

Recently, the Department of Physics - Engineering Physics and the USAC Astronomy Club collaborated to organize the event "Stellar Evolution: Journey of the Giants!" The activity saw participation from students of the Department of Physics - Engineering Physics and many other students from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, VNUHCM University. Additionally, the event attracted interest from students of other universities in Ho Chi Minh City, as well as high school students and young children who share a passion for "exploring the universe."

Through this activity, fascinating knowledge about the "cosmos" in general and "stars" in particular was vividly presented and described to the participants. Complex and seemingly obscure concepts were explained in the most visually engaging manner by members of the USAC Club. This event not only served as an academic playground for physics enthusiasts but also as a platform for them to freely exchange knowledge, fostering a large community of astronomy lovers.

Here are some images from the seminar: