Seminar online kỳ 3: From Fast Radio Burst to alien hunting

Seminar kỳ 3 vào 15h ngày 13/03, phòng Zoom xem trong link bên dưới

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Speaker: Dr. John Hoang (Berkeley SETI, Berkeley)

Abstract: Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are an enigmatic class of extragalactic transients emitting Jy-level radio bursts in the GHz-band, lasting for only a few ms. The phenomenon remains mysterious, but forward progress is being made at an unprecedented speed. To unravel the properties of FRBs, the stereoscopic MAGIC has been observing FRBs since 2016, searching for gamma-ray and optical counterparts of FRBs. In this talk, I will review some exciting developments in the field of FRB science and present the connection between FRB and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.