Seminar online kỳ 4: One-Loop Effective Action

Seminar kỳ 4 vào 17h ngày 20/03, phòng Zoom xem trong link bên dưới

Link web CLB VLLT: Link Web Lịch Seminar

Meeting ID: 972 7810 0138

Passcode: 062660

Speaker: Vương Phạm Ngọc Hòa


Abstract: We will briefly review the Effective Field Theory from a bottom-up and top-down point of view. We then focus on the functional method for performing the matching calculation at a one-loop level. This method manifestly made a universal structure whose terms can be pre-computed once-for-all and modeling-independently. We will present a framework so-called the Universal One-Loop Effective Action (UOLEA), which allows us to match a UV-model onto an EFT Lagrangian in a manifestly gauge-invariant way. The core techniques, recent results, and new extensions of the UOLEA will be presented in this talk.

You can find the paper here: