Seminar online kỳ 5: Learning physics from the Interstellar medium

Seminar kỳ 5 vào 15h ngày 27/03, phòng Zoom xem trong link bên dưới

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Meeting ID: 972 7810 0138

Passcode: 062660

Người trình bày:  Le Ngoc Tram

Title: Learning physics from the Interstellar medium 

Abstract: The interstellar medium (ISM)[1] is a "cradle" for star formation. During the stellar evolution, the star, in turn, interacts with the parent molecular clouds (MCs), which regulate the MCs evolution and the new-born star formation through the so-called stellar feedback. This interplay makes the ISM become a rich physical laboratory and a chemical factory, which can synthesize the complex molecules that makeup life. In this talk, I'll briefly introduce how and what we learn from the ISM despite knowing ISM's complication. This review partially is in a framework of the VARNET (Vietnam Astrophysics Research Network)[2]. The main goal of VARNET is to train young researchers and foster collaboration among Vietnamese researchers in astrophysics in Vietnam and abroad. Thus, students and early career researchers are welcome to join.