Seminar Online lần 2: X-ray signatures of supermassive black holes feedback

Seminar kỳ 2 vào 17h ngày 06/03, phòng Zoom xem trong link bên dưới

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Seminar của Tiến sĩ Trương Xuân Nhựt


X-ray signatures of supermassive black holes feedback

Dr. Truong Xuan Nhut

Abstract: Current observations reveal that supermassive black holes (SMBHs) are nearly ubiquitous in massive galaxies in the local Universe. Those giant monsters are thought to be the central engines powering the feedback from active galactic nuclei (AGN), which is a standard ingredient in current cosmological simulations of large scale structures. In this presentation I will discuss our recent results on the effects of SMBH-driven energetic feedback on gaseous halos in massive galaxies based on analyzing data from cosmological simulations and current X-ray observations. In particular, I will focus the discussion on two main questions: i) How does SMBH feedback quench star formation?; and ii) What is its role in establishing the galaxies-SMBHs co-evolution?