Công ty ON Semiconductor tuyển dụng

Công ty On Semiconductor tuyển dụng Material Analysis Engineer

Job Summary:

· Provide comprehensive and timely construction analysis and technical services for internal and external customer using material analysis analytical tools

· Continuously upgrade the product analysis capabilities

· The facilitation of the electrical characterization of a failure and visualization of whatever kind of defect in order to get understanding of a failure mechanism

· The development of new Material Analysis techniques or the selection of new tools or equipment, in order to stay ahead of the technological complexity of the requests in order to stay ahead of the technological complexity of the request

· Set up work procedures in order to enable the Material Analysis Technicians to execute the technique

· Follows up on the effectiveness and efficiency of the executed Material Analysis requests.

· For the reporting of their findings in a standard PAL format or 8D format that can be delivered to the internal or external customer

· Case hand over to the responsible corrective action owners and play an advising role within the corrective action team during the identification of the root cause

· Interface with the process engineering, production and QA personnel, provide technical support in material analysis

· Sole interface for dealing with the equipment, facilities, and vendors. Make sure the equipment is always operational, PM, Calibration, 5S. Update of work procedures related to that equipment.

· Takes care that all consumables and spare parts are ordered in time

· Other duties as assigned.


· Bachelor degree or above of science in Material Engineering, Chemistry...

· Some exposure to semiconductor industry.

· Proficient in English writing and communication skills

· Possess knowledge on semiconductor wafer fabrication

· Possess strong material analytical skills

· Able to interact and communicate effectively with all level of employees

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